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Pod #1 - Scientist confirms Covid is man made!



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Congratulations those labeled Tin Foil Hatters! You were right again!!!

This is coming from a scientist! Familiar with the man-made virus! We have been sharing this for years:

But because we were only Social Media users, at that time, our voices were getting squashed! When YouTube cites a violation of W.H.O. that tells you all you need to know about this BIG CORRUPTION SCANDAL!!! That circles from our own government to dirty politicians, dirty big pharma to promote their horrid vaccines; dirty banks that helped bankroll these crimes; employers requiring Vaccine mandates for what is now known publicly; closure of business and the millions of lives affected because of this MAN-MADE VIRUS!

Big Pharma filed lawsuits against each other because Moderna claimed the vaccine was patented in the years of 2010 - 2016.

So wait a minute, they filed this lawsuit in 2022, but the patents were filed for an alleged unknown virus that would break 6-12 years after the vaccine was patented? Do you see the big picture, Big Pharma knew about Coronavirus and already had plans to develop a deadly vaccine for a virus no one knew about back then!

Recommended listening is this Deep Dive Anon who shares very deep digs on Q posts and Articles and the Law of War - Majic Eyes Qnly:

It's so heartbreaking because people stopped dreaming, stopped working, stopped living, stopped family visits, stopped their entire lives and livelihoods because this entire scam was a MAN-MADE virus intentionally released to affect the entire world! In my opinion, this is genocide! We were used as experiments! We were used as the cabal's guinea pigs! Children were suffering because they were trapped in their lives of solitude and becoming less social at formidable years! Dreams of sport scholarships for this kids died! Families / Parents began scraping for anything because they stood so strong to NOT succumb to the big pharma vax trap and left their jobs! Forced vaccines or leave your job! Some people had NO CHOICE in order to provide for their families. This is the most evil scandal in our lifetime and so many big corporations / industries were in on the scam and the Big Tech censored those that tried to share the truth! PEOPLE'S LIVES WERE LOST BECAUSE OF THIS SCANDAL!!! Hospitals were even in on the scam and got an incentive!

Many lost loved ones! Because of the Scamdemic. The Scam was to release the covid virus that was approved by the CDC and Big Pharma will come up with the vaccine that has killed millions while they make billions!

This is releasing Biological Weapons to humanity and the Law of War Prohibits this. But the dirty politicians and dirty industries (big pharma, big tech, big banks, cabal) have gotten away with lawlessness for decades including violating the Geneva Convention / Law of War!

What happens now? Will compensation for Violations of the Law of War happen?

Remember, President Trump did mention that China needs to pay reparations for allowing this release of the virus to the tune of $10T:

In a recent rally, Trump referenced $60 Trillion! We then found one another and built our strength within. President Trump is hinting many signs of NESARA / GESARA and the world is waiting for the 2020 Election to get fixed first! He even hinted "New Election...":

The Twitter Files Part 1 was explosive enough and will be shared on the 2nd podcast for today. Remember, your rewards will be in Heaven. If we receive any earthly awards that is an added bonus. But do know, you risked your LIVES to fight this fight to help inform others about the truth. Now, it is up to the naysayers to see that your intentions were only for the GOOD for Humanity and nothing more! We fight to help save the Children and each other! We lost our ties with family because the news is so corrupt and they were in on the scandals of all types of crimes and criminals and have REFUSED to report on any of it! You have done God's work! God is pleased with you!


Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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