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Pool! Goldman selling condo! Chris Powell talks Gold is suppressed! Clintons getting exposed!

Updated: Aug 3, 2021



Her trial is postponed to November 2021. This means she will spend all that time in prison until her trial date.

With the judge approving the unsealed documents of the Clinton's linked to Epstein, is necessary. The world needs to know the evilness of the Clintons. This will confirm the many things Anons have found about the dirty, horrid acts by Bill and HRC.

How many other big names will come out between now and November? Who would have ever thought the Clintons would ever face their fate for the horrid things they did to humanity? President Trump is the only president with a back bone to go after these evil people.

Notice how there are zero public appearances of any of the past president's in public settings. They have all vanished like vapor! Well, literally and figuratively.

This should give people that have been harmed by these people, to get their justice!