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Join date: Jul 4, 2021


Im a Canadian,living inLadysmith, British Columbia,Canada

ive been following Santa surfing for a few yrs until i got booted of you tube and Twittless..

im sure glad shes got her own site now

I love the Trumps[USA} and Max Bernier[Canada]

my birthday is October 5th

you all can yak with me if you like

i woke up in 2012 to see what the cabal has been doing to everyone

i know what they are trying to wont work at the end as they all will be facing Military Tribunals..

As President Trump says we are watching this movie

well i hope it ends soon.... but i also know that the ex Presidents and their families, deepstate and cia and fbi have been getting executed. i will leave the link here for changes every day so just refresh if you want to know who else is getting executed..BILL GATES WILL BE HUNG ON OCT 5..yea..BILL CLINTON GOT RISINED>>>HILDABEAST GOT HUNG>>COMEY GOT HIS HEAD CHOPPED OFF>PEDOSTA,OBAMAS,AND SCHIFF >IN FRONT OF FIREING SQUAD..BIG MIKE>LETHAL INJECTION..they [Trump] caught them all..

have fun will all be over soon


Deneze .C. Lujanen

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