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Project 2025 acts are Biblical! God promises to We the People!


Watch on UgeTube or Rumble. Rumble Videos takes a few minutes to post and will say "Private" while it is publishing.


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PROJECT 2025 The Left is going bonkers with Project 2025 incoming. X Link to the Trend. Wikipedia just changed their write up of Project 2025. Decoded in Gematria and Q posts

Why is this Biblical? Because it is a form of eradicating evilness from its core. Doing what is right and humane versus what is dominated by evil forces and human power. Bible Versus that correlates with eradicating evilness:

This is why our battle is so intense right now. The left has nothing but to smear You, God's Warriors and those leading the way, President Trump!

There are millions in God's Warrior Army that is changing the world for the good! You sacrificed so much because you stand for God and the Truth! And the millions...are individuals that can ELECT a President of America! That's millions of votes! The media that employs nearly 262,000 with numbers declining....are battling up against online platforms toppling 263,000 and increasing each year. Even now, while many people want "links, sauce, data, the left still rely on fake news media to provide that for them. Think this...if the broadcast mainstream media numbers are declining and online platforms are increasing, then why would anyone want data from mainstream media?


When President Trump states that "They're not after me, they're after you, I'm just standing in their way". This is a very strong statement because the media loves to attack you, your dreams, hopes, goals, your path to freedom!

Think this, the dirty media, banksters, big pharma, bad food industries, etc. have tried to kill us off, yet we survived all their evil tactics. Why? Is it because your Faith in God is so strong that you know you will get your strength from God? To think positively about God will handle things in your life?

We're on the path to Freedom...Freedom like we have not ever experienced in our lifetime! One with no hidden agenda and living the way God wants us to live!

Freely and Happily!

All He wants is a little bit of your time to spend with Him!!!





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