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Queen & Andrews MIA on Sunday! G. Maxwell trial begins! Trump Tweet!

11/16/2021 VIDEO

11/16/2021 comments below article


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REMEMBRANCE DAY 2021 Both are no shows! Why didn't the media make a big stink about it and why Andrew was a No Show?

Was it a funeral?

Prior Remembrance Days had a different tone to it. At 2:35 Min mark shows Charles:

We are watching a movie:



Is he sending a strong comm to us? SCOTUS needs an overhaul? We reported earlier about Chief Justice Clarence Thomas. Several tweets from reporters and others claiming the same:

Why is this relevant? Are they next up for the Decertification process?

And one more hint for the surfers following SilverGate...who all changed their avatars (last night).

IMHO, this is a big sign that the Trump Team is focused on all of us!! If this meme is up on President Trump's timeline, and hundreds changed their avatar to the same as SilverGate's, then that says a lot about the Trump Team watch you all!!

Did Merrick Garland perjure himself? What other crimes has he done? What is the penalty for perjury? Fines and or Jail time!!

What about all of those that lied to impeach President Trump, arrest innocent people of January 6?


InnerCityPress will tweet live updates of the Ghislaine Jury selection process and then trial.



Building momentum on a platform and then the censorship hits is exhausting. Just when we build some traction on Spotify, they suspended us!

It never stops. So I ask God every day, what is my purpose? What do you want me to do? And He reminds me of what his Son Jesus lived through while on earth. And the intangible blessings will follow.

Surfers and real Patriots are in this for the Children and Humanity! And I thank you all so much! Peggy pretty much nails the point across!

So if I am cranky, please know that there is a lot of things that happen behind the scenes.

I know our Bossman will soon make a public landing to the White House!!! And we can begin to live in a world of beauty and greatness!!

We are a very happy, protective family that loves to dance, celebrate and God sees all your work and doesn't overlook your efforts from the results!!!







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