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SCOTUS - Brunson case update! GOP Sell outs! Optics! We're in the REVOLUTION!

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GOP 13th Vote SELL OUTS Trending on Twitter

Andy Harris switched his vote to McGator!

Some staffers were very rude and short! They are probably not expecting to hear from Republican constituents about their opinion on the floor for the 13th SOH vote! Think this....NEVER EVER...have these Congress people got an earful for 4 consecutive days!!!

THIS IS THE REVOLUTION!!! We may not be marching on the streets, but we are making waves that is driving this ego driven Anti-America First congress people crazy!! They used MAGA to get our vote and now they are turning on MAGA!!! They don't care about you...they cared about their status and salary for life and all the laws they can vote that would only benefit them and line their pockets!!!

Now let's paradigm shift...what if McGator does get elected?

Remember McGator is caving and making tons of concessions including making it easier to get fired!

President Trump is making it clear that good things are happening behind the scenes!

Yes, we want to SEE these good things happening in front of our eyes, but isn't it already happening in front of our eyes?

SCOTUSBLOG isn't even reporting about Brunson v. Adams case. What does that tell us? That SCOTUS really needs to keep this under wraps. SCOTUS will rule if this case should be heard! That alone is enough to make the 388 crooks named in the lawsuit to resign! Look at the unity at SCOTUS...again, these people have heard about Brunson case because of you and not because of the big media, because Fake News and Faux News refuses to talk about it! So the turn out is not as big, yet, but will be monumental if the 2020 case is reversed!

Remember what Mike Huckabee said:

And President Trump is giving us VERY BIG clues that they are in Control!

Is that President Trump IN THE CHAMBER?

Then there is this...REVEAL!

Think about the GOP sell outs and everyone that is voting for McGator, what do they fear the most?? A Trump Leadership!

What else do they fear the Most?? POWER BACK TO YOU THE PEOPLE!!

While this is all happening, you do realize there are tons of news about the markets, financial markets crashing, countries dropping the fiat currency, Gold and Silver surging, Attorneys have to get retrained, Covid truth bombs to reveal and how many politicians including the Houseplant Biden will be implicated in pushing the vaccines on innocent lives and other corrupt things! Remember, Biden mandated the vaccines, against people's will. That is genocide! Will this be the beginning of the fall of Congress??

Gaetz makes History:

Gaetz votes Trump:



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