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SpaceForce is taking down bad guys! White Hats control FB! Meta is an older company...Zuck lying!

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

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President Trump was so proud to announce the launch of the 6th military branch...SPACE FORCE!

At the time he announced the thought of Space Force, Patriots wanted to see perp walks. What we didn't realize is the power behind Space Force!

Here is a dig on my research on Facebook on October 20, 2021, just nine days ago:

Today, Zuckerberg, who dumped millions of shares of stock this year alone, announced the launch of the "new" name...META. Oh but wait...this is a lie.

Zuck fails to mention META has been established since 2004 and on Twitter since 2007:

Delaware Entity Search on Meta Platforms Inc. shows this company has been established since 2004.

Same Employer Identification Number which is odd because these are two completely separate entities and Facebook LOST!

META trading under a new stock symbol on 12/01/2021:


Don't mess with Space Force!!! Don't mess with Election Integrity!!! Don't mess with Trump Votes! Don't mess with Trump Supporters!!!

Space Force has got us!!! Space Force has it all!!!

Do you realize how huge and big this is?? Taking down one of the enemies of our country and election?? Who is next? Google? Twitter? Fake News??

Deductive Reasoning:

If White Hats are in Control of Facebook, and we are already seeing signs of Twitter and Google nefarious acts, corporate fraud, etc. And then Fake News goes down publicly. Then, let's say White Hats are in Control. Then President Trump's Truth Social media is live for those invited on November 2021 and all dirty social media is down, then everyone will flock to Truth Social for the news and events. The whole world will see the truth and all our voices will be heard and seen.

THE BIGGEST RED PILLING EVER!!! To red pill those asleep.

Our Bossman sure is doing this his way and it is working!!!

We are witnessing the fruits of all the White Hat's, Military and Trump Team's labor and mostly...the fruits of YOUR HARD WORK to get this information out there!!! You are the digital warriors our Bossman so needed because it is you that played a huge part in this BIG take down of social media!!! Congratulations!!!

Keep praying as this will be one of many things to unfold!!!




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Opinion piece.

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Santa..i believe that the female that also owns FB is Zuckerbergs wife she is asian.i think her last name is Chan

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