Trump "America First" to Joe's America Worst! Don't squirrel - stay focused!



President Trump's rally had standing room only and between 30-50K people!

The crowd was fired up and so anxious to hear President Trump!

It rained and and people stayed!!!

President Trump can draw huge crowds and remember when Joe had his "rallies", he could barely fill up his 7 chairs in a circle INDOORS!

Il Donaldo Hints Squirrels again:

My take is that President Trump wants us so focused and not distracted! These headlines are distractions! We can't go all "squirrel" on what the big moves that are happening!

Our primary focus is the inept Joe Biden turning the world upside down and the Audits!

Highlights and comms of President Trump's rally speech:







  • Everything woke turns to sh*t - How brilliant was this statement? I bet shortly after that comment, the liberals were probably running to to hear his rally and ready to slam him and after that comment, President Trump became Presidential. He had to share all of his accomplishments and the horrors of Joe Biden!

Il Donaldo posts

Wherever Milley is, he sure didn't do the media circuit to defend himself!

  • President Trump talks about the vaccine...this surfaced on Sunday:

Remember a dirty W.H.O. Scientist faces the death penalty bc he did not want to give the country the good vaccine Ivermectin. In my opinion only, why is this serious, because it sets a precedent. If the dirty pharmaceutical companies that have been pushing their dirty vaccine and the dirty governments are trying to mandate them. They are NOT administering and mandating HCQ and Ivermectin, wouldn't that be the same act(s) of the dirty WHO scientist in India?

Are these crimes against humanity?

General Patton references:

Many similar features:

Look who was in the audience that held the 17 sign!