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Trump coming in HOT! 5D Chess in play! Maui update!


Watch on UgeTube or Rumble. Rumble Videos takes a few minutes to post and will say "Private" while it is publishing.


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Merrick Garland takes the stand and he stands for lies, corruption, deceit and CRS Syndrome! Slow walking an investigation into the Hunter family so the Statute of Limitations expires. And changing the laws on the Statute of Limitations to favor Joe Biden and his corrupt family! Let him dig a deeper hole for himself!!! Remember SOX Act will come back to bite all of them in the you know where!

Then this news happened today. Wood named as a "cooperating" witness for GA Election case:


Let this game of 5D Chess play out!

Then Ivanka Trump was on Maui to deliver well needed supplies to the families on Lahaina.

There is NO WAY, President Trump would allow his daughter to enter Maui if it wasn't under White Hat control. Hence the very reason I am not going to Lahaina, there is work to be done!

Today, while running errands, there was a ton of Army Military personnel around. I could not take a photo and asked one if they are "active on Maui" and the only reply was one that smiled and winked!

Friendly reminder that Oprah's ranch is permanently closed down!

Bad people are getting exposed! Even Big pharma and Fraudchi are making huge admissions!

Friendly reminder, on September 8, 2023 President Trump gave us a warning and here is proof that Trump's warning did happen. post is an example:

Now let's look at Bossman's post at 2:03PM (1403 Military Time)....Boss is coming in HOT!

1403 Military Timestamp of post = Q1403.

Are we coming in for a landing?

When the lights go out, not to be afraid!

ARMY Tweet on September 17, 2023: GREEN MEANS GO

God and His Army (Military and YOU) are winning!



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