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Trump is a LEGEND!!! The Trump Card! SCOTUS cases!

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President Trump gave his awesome announcement was for his "candidacy for President of the United States". He did not say for what year, he did not say he was running for President, he did not say America.

This was such a needed Announcement because he knows ALL THE MOVING PARTS that are not visible to the public and that fake news will not report!

Fake news isn't reporting the closure of DC and using the government buildings for Military Tribunals.

Fake news won't even talk about the white buses at DC captured by street podcasters:

Fake news is definitely not talking about these two SCOTUS cases. One has to be decided to be on their docket and the other one (for state maps and election integrity) will be heard on December 7, 2022.

Should this Brunson v. Adams get heard by SCOTUS, this is a prime example of the Power of the People! This is a pro se Plaintiff filing against the dirty Congress and names over 300 House of Representatives for their acts of treason and fraud.

Brunson v. Adams SCOTUS

These two HUGE game changing cases are not even talked about with any media! So if it is silent, then that means they are so huge!


Yes, President Trump made his announcement for his candidacy for President of the United States and left it ambiguous as to what year. Prior to my talk with Derek Johnson (see 11/14/2022 Podcast), I would have thought that Trump would concede by announcing his running for President but that is not the case. There are many traps already in place for the dirty Congress and dirty government to fall into! Trump emphasized winning the House! The House has tremendous subpoena power! Plus the House can begin impeachment and investigations they can begin to subpoena others! Remember, the dirty House tried to Impeach President Trump based on fake documents and fake allegations. So now the America First House can do the same, using their dirty tactics on real criminals like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and others!

FAKE NEWS Bait! President Trump announces his candidacy just weeks after he filed a lawsuit against CNN and announced more lawsuits are on their way. His lawsuit is based on CNN's defamation, slander and libel. Fake news hates that President Trump is doing what he can to bring goodness to the everyday person and fake news also knows that Trump will seek justice. Fake news now has two choices, fly right or report the garbage they continue to report and risk getting sued.

Remember the 300+ judges President Trump has nominated. These are judges that will change the court system to what is constitutional!

Remember the SCOTUS picks from President Trump.

Can the House investigate the 2020 Election? Can they recall that election back to him or call for a new election?

This is only the beginning!




Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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