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Trump SOTU Speech at CPAC!! Zuck is caught!!!

VIDEO 03/01/2022

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03/01/2022 comments below article


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2.58 Movement growing and stronger every single day

3.22 Bringing back country and our Freedom

3.40 Sleeping giant they have awoken

4.08 Going to find the hard way on Nov 8

4.29 Going to do it again a 3rd time

5.03 Election rigged - not all of it

5.20 Lost all creditability, voter id, Never defund the police

6.14 People coming into country legally

6.30 Save our Country from destruction

7.11 Takes me a year to make up

7.45 John Kennedy - Where is John...look at're popular John...went to Oxford

9.37 White House doc - Ronnie Jackson- same doc for Obama and Bush - great admiral and great doctor and tough politician from TX

10.31 200 years

11.12 Truth Social trending - Devin - he's tough

11.38 128:1 a Star - Jim Jordan Q 128

13.40 Beautiful inside and out - Kari Lake

14.19 Vote against me when I don't say their name

14.44 Biggest lying scum are the Adam Schifty Schiff ...who made a phone call with Pres of Ukraine...196-0...Pres said he did nothing wrong.

15.55 Dealing with ppl that are purely evil

16.14 Alot of fake news....look at all those cameras up there

16.30 92 Rallies and CPACS Q92

17.06 Long way to get it done...journey

17.34 President for 4 years did a great job

18.50 Take 5 worst presidents and biden is worse

19.23 Country lost self confidence

20.00 1 year ago...fastest economic recovery, low gas prices, peace and quiet all around the world

21.22 Ended Iran nuclear deal

22.50 If I was the President

24.05 Under Trump Peaceful Powerful cunning and smart

24.26 Now we're a stupid country

25.53 Weak country under biden


26.35 President Putin is smart

26.52 NATO is not so smart

27.11 NATO Sanction Russia - not blow up to pieces

27.35 Our leaders are DUMB DUMB so DUMB

27.52 Assault on humanity...Putin playing Biden like a drum

28.12 Got along with Putin, Xi, Kim

29.11 Someday I'll tell you exactly what we (Putin) talked about

29.35 Oil prices keeps going higher

30.04 Oil was $36 barrell now it's going up to $150

30.34 Joe and Hunter got 3.5M from Mayor of Moscow wife - Chris Wallace fired from Fox

31.13 Conflict of interest

31.23 Biden bribe - fake news refuses to report

31.51 China gave 1.5B to the bidens

32.15 Honest media - interesting to see what is going to happen in 3-4 weeks ballot harvesting...all on tape

32.55 Everything is on

33.28 Military that is only pc

33.40 General Patton

34.40 Dangerous ppl are the ppl from within

35.40 Nuclear warming

36.02 2 days ago cx oil

36.15 Biden approved the Russian pipeline

36.40 Angela GE getting 75% from Russia

37.08 Biden is begging with OPEC and Iran

37.26 With Republicans you get energy independence and dominance

37.40 We will reclaim energy dominance...72 years Q72

38.32 Want inflation down...reduce cost of energy

38.46 what is happening in Ukraine is a disaster

39.05 Ukraine soveriegnty must be defended at all cost

39.43 People paying a price

40.40 160 countries - ppl coming in Q160

41.09 America want a president to stop an invasion of our country

41.38 Need borders that work, elections that are fair and free 10-12M

42.36 If dems want to fight for democracy aboard...they want to look aborad they should start with Canada

43.00 USMCA One of the greatest deal...they want to renegotiate the deal

43.48 Truckers workers has been violently put down..."Assets and life savings have been frozen"

44.15 Phony crimes

44.38 Peaceful Truckers

44.54 We stand with the Truckers and Canadians to reclaim their freedom

45.29 Independence from every CV's time

46.15 Left wing tyranny

46.37 We will never forget what they did to our children - we will hold them accountable at the ballox this Nov

46.50 Covid mandates is a part of something much larger

47.30 Electoral defeat exiled into political oblivion never to return again!

48.00 Biden, Schumer, Pelosi enriched their families in Ukraine, China, Russia

49.00 Dems use Big tech, media,'s a lot of BS!

51.00 Restore Constitutional gov by for and of the People - washington power scared - unselect committee

52.10 Great Future First Lady

52.34 Crooked HRC spied on campaign and spied on the White House

53.18 John Durham is just the foundation of what ...

53.38 If Trump wouldn't run...the persecution would stop...they'd go on to their next victim...who's next?

53.54 Never ever do what they did to me...

54.13 How did you take it...never done like this to an American president.

54.40 Bring this country back...they're coming after me...bc I'm standing up for you

55.40 TREASON's everything ...if anyone ever wrote a novel...

56.05 End Pelosi

56.10 Kick the Biden crime family out of the WH in 2024 or sooner

56.30 Even SCOTUS ...packing ...don't want to be impeached...I'm a Justice......women that he didn't know Kavanaugh...I believe he is afraid to do the right thing. Gain strength and courage. Can't be afraid of radical left.

58.40 65 64 seats Q65 Q64

00.47 Abdul - Your Excellency - Trump talking about not being tough on our soldiers

02.10 Look at NY dem run cities...7 people killed and 80 shot Q7 Q80

02.18 DA and AG can be charged with violations of civil rights law [NESARA]

03.26 Biden signed 17 EO Q17

03.40 1776 Commission Q1776

05.25 Break up big tech giants and restore free speech...the days of big tech censoring are numbered

06.14 OAN want to take away threir voice

06.37 Big Tech election interference - who made that decision to interfere biden election 417M given by Zuck who used to come to his office and kiss my ass

07.48 417M - have to be looked at - full accountant of illegal - Mirror Q714

08.25 97% Drop boxes - biden 3% for Trump 1000 4000 2000 Mules Q97 Q3 Q1000 Q4000 Q2000

Ballots were trafficked and sold on unprecedented scale and brutality we have it on tape"It's all on tape" What's coming out in the next 3 weeks.

11.07 Fireable

11.23 SCOTUS prevent packing - Maybe republicans should pack the court

12.04 Finisht the wall

12.10 Charge China - trillions of dollars

12.50 Farmers are doing so well - made incredible deals with China

14.09 Mfg right here in the USA

14.45 Fight like hell

15.29 They are losing and we are winning they are acting like lunactic

18.10 AS your president

19.10 REmain in MX


20.24 Xi had a good relationship until CV came

23.00 The world needs a strong American President

24.00 WE must Win in 2022 and 2024...we all know what happens with a rigged election.

24.47 Signature verification...illegal immigrants cannot vote

25.12 Can't allow thugs

25.27 Voter rolls must be updated and accurate...voter ide...same mail in ballots except for Military and those truly sick....PAPER BALLOTS

26.12 Barron can make his computer sing...[he knows technology]







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Hi Santa, I haven't sent you any messages for multiple reasons, but hearing about your latest situation I felt the need to send a message. I respect what you do and how passionate and caring you are. Thank you and keep up the awesome work!


Marcel Welling
Marcel Welling
Mar 09, 2022

Santa hope you and your family are all well. .. we miss you!


Santa, we miss you and Sammy so much. You give us so many gifts---laughter, light, love, and knowledge. Take all the time you need to heal your body, heart, mind, and soul. Until you are ready, we surfers will be holding the line and sending up prayers for you. God bless you and keep you safe.

Replying to


With Santa, and with us, too. She's taught us this, and it is true.


Mar 08, 2022

We all hope that you are healing well Mrs. Santa. We will be waiting when you are able to come back. God Bless all you prayer warriors. Thank you

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