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Trump vs. Dirty FBI / DOJ / AG/ Justice System! Lib cities get boomerang!

Updated: Sep 19, 2022


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FINANCIAL NEWS CFVI is getting hammered today. After Surfers and Reddit peeps talked about CFVI and taking Rumble public, Fall Street began sharing their negative news and tying it to Trump! We knew this would happen!

Wall Street fails to show you is that in October 2021, when the Trump Marketing Group went public via DWAC (a special purpose blank check public company), the stock surged:

And another stat they fail to show you is the CFVI stock is up since a year ago:

TRUMPS WINNING LEADS TO DEMS WHINING President Trump endorsed candidates are WINNING WINNING WINNING! To the point that the Democrat opponents are refusing to debate Trump endorsed candidates leading into mid-terms election! Apparently, the democrats have resorted to more cheating by having mobile voting places now! Even Joe Biden's home state ruled that voting by mail is unconstitional!

DEMS FEAR The dems fear the Red Tsunami! President Trump posted this Surfer post again!

When America First Republicans win bigly on November 8, 2022, think about how the world changes! Strong Republicans in both the House and Senate and Joe Biden. Joe Biden will not last very long with a strong America First Congress! I am guessing the first order of business is to get the Houseplant impeached and immediately investigate 2020 to get our duly elected President back in the White House (if he hasn't already moved back by then).

Think if Marjorie Taylor Green is the Speaker of the House, how things will change dramatically! In my humble opinion, this election is the most important election in our lives! We need to take back our country and the only way to do that is for our Congress and law makers to represent our Constitution and We the People! Then fake news, Fall Street and all the crooked politicians have no power whatsoever! They are slowly losing power now, so these crooks have resorted to beginning narratives to get a man that loves America and the good People of the World so much that they want to get him charged or indicted without any solid basis. They won't even think about investigating the criminal Biden family, but they are doing so with a good man!

Why aren't they investigating or arresting or charging / indicting the Biden family? Because Congress is dominated by dirty democrats that stole the 2018 and 2020 elections to remain in power. They will not even dare expose their fellow dirty political friends!

Why that narrative now? Simple answer....mid-terms! This is the Democrats last hope! They will push every dirty nasty tactic, act, false flags, raids, arrests, whatever our way that we lose hope and give up and acquiesce. We are learning that the dirty FBI / DOJ were behind these election scandals as well!

Remember, these crooks have controlled and enslaved us in every facet of our lives, since most of us were born, so we don't know anything different. We don't really know true freedom, financial independence, living by the Constitution, we only know what they have done...stole our rights and stole our money! President Trump is fighting the dirty alphabet agencies, justice sytem, dirty judges, dirty politicians while Winning at the same time! AND, he is doing all of this while is not the public eye President!

We know they will begin to attack Trump supporters more and more and it is evident by comments in truth. These people are toxic and bring nothing positive to the table with their baseless posts! Surround yourself with people that will help you get to where you need to get your closer to reaching your dreams!

You will see more news and signs like this over time!

The Hypocrites are mad! Govenor's DeSantis and Abbott sent migrants to Martha's Vineyard and Kamala Harris' home (in DC):

Oh the democrats that support sanctuary cities are freaking out! They don't like illegals and migrants in their posh territory!

Even President Trump is having a tad bit of fun!

Hang in there...things are changing, we just can't see it all!




God Bless you and thank you for sharing truth, love and joy!!

Take God's hand, we will get through this together!


Keep your Faith in God!!!





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