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Trump Weaponized the American People! Sheriff deputize civilians!


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Brief clip of Brad Coe interview about deputizing 10 civilians.

Gateway Pundit Article Link with full video (above):

This news ties in with what we reported about President Trump deputizing 50,000 secret troops. Those deputized can make arrests.

This is big news, because this has never happened before!! Having a secret troop of 50,000 deputized as Federal Marshals!

How many more will follow Sheriff Brad Coe's move? How many have already been deputized and it has NOT been made public?

These deputized Federal Marshals / Marshals could be your neighbor next door! They are doing this for the interest of saving our country from disaster and more corruption! President Trump risked everything, including his personal life, to help save America and the world!! America was drowning with a thousand ton brick tied to her ankles and her arms tied behind her back and he had to save her!

President Trump had to do things much differently and have all plans in place...A, B, C, D, etc. This is why there may have been unexpected moving parts. For example, Plan A may have been a clean sweep of one thing, but if there was a moving part and they had to resort to plan D, that could take more time and a different move/ strategy.

Now think about how many different things the President Trump, the White Hats, our Military had to take down and in many cases...simultaneously!!! TENS OF THOUSANDS of huge corrupt acts and people! Remember the total number of sealed indictments is over 250,000 and unsealed over 800,000. In each indictment, there could be 1 or more party indicted! This blog site is very informative and Jeanne Foguth is a loyal listener of our show!

When President Trump made some serious moves during the Covid closure in 2020, all eyes were on the doctors of evil and the hope of saving our lives, businesses, jobs, hope. Remember, President Trump had a financial solution to help us get through some harsh moments. Biden does not!!! In fact, his plan is taking a socialistic turn!

Didn't he say he would only tax the rich? I don't see that in here...he's INCREASING the tax on your income and your company's income! This is going to cripple our economy!!!

But now we're dealing with someone dumber than Bumble (sorry Bumble). Who has no clue how to run anything except his incoherent mouth that makes no sense at all!

THE SHIFT News like what is shared has to happen in order for the left to wake up! Oh and here's a gem. It's the translation that is important:

I have plenty more to share later this week!

Many are now seeing the shift happen! For the past 4-1/2 years it was the waiting game.

SilverGate dropped this clip today to the music "I did it My way":

Posted at 8:18 the end very near?

Why is Silvergate posting Fauci?

And this kind of information?

IlDonaldo posted "Anyone order a mean tweet with a side of whoop-a**?"...welp today President Trump statement was pretty close to it!! To the point that the liberals were so mad at him but they couldn't post a tweet to him!!! Oh the sweet taste of Victory!!!

We are taking back our country! Corporations are back peddling on their vax mandates requirements....because they must realize, could they be in a huge legal mess? If they mandated something that comes from a fake report or fabricated report from the CDC or other agencies tied to doctor evil, then who will be liable?

Remember, Loser Barry weaponized the alpha agencies...yet President Trump weaponized the American People!!


Surround yourself with those that are positive minded, forward thinkers, and or the path to goodness and greatness and success.

I've had to part ways with certain friends recently, for I need to be around the strong ones that can motivate and help one another and not those that want to destroy a fellow patriot.

After all, isn't our fight to help save the children?

When we surround ourselves with like minds, then we can all build an army together with significant power!

Because many of us know this is a well orchestrated movie, some are getting a bit anxious for things to happen today or yesterday and while I get hundreds to over a thousand messages / notifications a day, God is the one that knows your needs and your heart. He can help you. God can sure answer your needs / prayers immediately!



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Opinion piece.

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