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Vax Passports in Hawaii! Operation London Bridge! GITMO is expanding! God always wins!



This is just another screwed up move by the local government! They have no idea how much damage this will do for the entire economy? These clueless mayors and governors don't have a solution, just destroy any type of business so they can turn Hawaii into Venezuela!

They don't care about the working class people that need revenues from their businesses to pay their mortgage, rent and put food on the table. Last year, the fraud Fauci and the other crooked doctor told President Trump to close the economy, yet President Trump had a plan to offer PPP and EIDL loans to help out in the interim. This year...NOT ONE BIT OF HELP OR SOLUTION!!!

These lazy, do nothing local government all get paid their cushy salaries so they don't care about the people on the islands. I think they want us out so they can hob nob with the wealthy ones that are buying up all the real estate on the islands that it is making it impossible to afford buying a home or even renting a home!

It is getting really bad and how much more will these evil governments impose their communism on us so we are so dependent on government hand outs and they think they can control us?

Attempts to call their offices are pointless because their voicemails are full! It is so heartbreaking because we are no longer the Aloha State, we are the A Hell Hole state!

President Trump has his eyes open, for he tweeted this:

Oh I hope there is a price to pay for all the evil governments imposing such strict mandates without a solution at all!

The difficult part is that in Hawaii, we don't have the option of driving across state lines. Hawaii really needs a miracle!



Is it falling down??? posting some very interesting bombs!

What is Operation London Bridge?

This article came out over the weekend:

So if the media and all its puppets can plan for this celebration event because this pro-pedo queen will leave earth...and the media can black out social media and set up the question many years did they or will they plan this event?

Queen E death affects all the colonies that are under the monarchy...and coincidentally, it happens to be the same countries facing horrid tyranny right now like Australia!

We previously reported about public websites showing that London City has dissolved earlier this year, but it looks like someone already scrubbed the dates on that. Either way, London City is dissolved!

Tifanie posted this:

Remember, Buckingham is boarded up. Although the media and searches make it appear that it is open, I looked at Yelp reviews of visitors at Buckingham Palace and it is sparse at best! The fake news big tech and media will try to deceive you again, but you are intelligent Anons that know they are closed.

Let's not forget...the media is in cahoots with the CIA. shared this clip:

Why am I sharing this now...because the desperate low life fake news media will do everything they can to prevent the TRUTH from coming out!

And with Operation London Bridge, if the media is coordinating how to release the news of the wicked queen's passing along with censoring social media, we may never see the true story ever. BUT, we do know that President Trump did visit Buckingham June 2018, just 6 months after signing the powerful Executive Order 13818 - Blocking properties of persons for Human Abuse, and President Trump was clearly in control!

So if all the news is carefully coordinated, then is the expansion of GITMO also a coordinated narrative?

Anons already dug up that GITMO had massive expansions! And a few years ago, there were several contractors that won bids to expand GITMO . Catherine Herridge , CBS reporter is reporting from GITMO and listen to her reporting: this really happening?

The Bigger question...what is Catherine Herridge doing in GITMO right now? She wouldn't go to GITMO to report a 60 second clip!

If a carefully planned release of an event is in the works, is President Trump and his awesome team doing the same?

This news was just tweeted / posted by Il Donaldo and just surfaced. This article is dated over 1 month ago:

Are we going to see more news surfacing, resurfacing? Will President Trump and his team use the same tactic in Operation London Bridge? If the dirty swamp rats do it, why can't the White Hats do the same?

Please keep praying for a Miracle around the world!! We are tired and tired of fighting and we know it will all be worth it. Please ask God for strength and to trust in Him completely.



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