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Who are you? Who did you become? God chose YOU! Trump and WH need you more!



Imagine the ridicule Noah had while building an Ark because God told him to build one.

It is unknown how many years it took to build this Ark, but he went out every single day building it!

Waiting on God and remembering his promises.

Fast Forward to today:

The evilness in this world has hurt humanity and the entire world became slaves to the evilness. Much of the corruption were from the elites that somehow made their billions by stealing from us...they stole our money, tax dollars, property, life, loved ones and most of all...our God Given Freedom!

President Trump took office and suddenly we saw the world change for the better, ALL while he was mocked by the evil powers and their puppets. I cannot tell you how many times a democrat say, I didn't vote for Trump, but when he was in office, my business was thriving!

In a society where we want instant gratification, we can shop at the store and get tomatoes. Back in the Noah days, if you wanted tomatoes, you had to wait around 6 weeks if your tomato tree isn't in full bloom.

The parallels of Noah and Today:

Today, we are all building our own Ark and preserving what we believe is ours, the truth and the Constitution.

There are millions that decided to wake up every single day to dig up more truth that the media refuses to tell us. Whether it be justice news or great news that will benefit you!

Some even work a job or jobs yet still find the time to fight like Warriors! You do it because you want to and or you are doing this for God, the Children and our Freedom!!!

Now we are reaching a precipice. With the things thrown at us that are unconstitutional, we shake our heads and wonder, WHY?

Our God given rights have been taken away....think about it...they took away the air that we used to breathe!

Laws have been broken and the lawmakers are the perpetrators behind breaking laws. They have silenced millions from sharing the truth!

The law enforcement, judges and even attorney's representing the innocent that hires the very attorney are unjust!

The Enforcement government that are supposed to help and protect us...failed us!

The physicians that we trust with our lives...are not helping us, but instead hurting us!

And now, the dirty filthy administration and politicians are aiding our foreign enemies and not caring for the very people that pay their salaries and voted them in office!

Now we come to a point, where we wonder why are we even fighting?

Don't you think they have already faced their justice?

We may not see all the things that are happening, but with Faith, you can truly rest assure that God truly has our best interest!!

GOD always keeps His promises and His justice prevails!!

While some of the world may still mock us for building the Ark (digging for truth, sharing truth and comforting / helping those in need) they will soon learn that we are doing ALL of this to help Humanity!



But this is the precipice...think about what you have become from all of this so far? If you didn't to get President Trump in office in 2016; help and support him during his term in office; shield and protect his every accomplishment; and red pill the world with your own digging...and now fighting back...who would you be today?

Think about all the millions of children that were / are saved...because of you they now have YOUR support! They don't have to live in fear! Think about those that have felts so all alone and suddenly they get recognized because someone liked their digs on the truth...they are not alone.

President Trump and the White Hats needs you!

Today, many may look in the mirror and not see the person they were 5 years ago, but a stronger, wiser person! They may see the beautiful person that has been groomed for Greatness!

You are the diamond in the rough!!

Diamonds you wear are because they have been through a process. The cleaving and sawing, the polishing and shaping to make it radiant. Imagine....being the diamond and having to go through this process...there would be lots of ouches and pain before the beautiful stone is finished!

You are now the wise, more beautiful and stronger person that carries our rights of the Constitution as we continue to fight our way to freedom!

The Constitution is our path to Freedom and bringing power back to the People!!! The constitution was signed on 9/18/1776 - 245 years ago!

To give you some idea of what the Q team and White Hats did, look atQ245:

Please know that you are all being watched!!! Our channel and video channel is because of information YOU share. This is a huge hat tip to you all and thank you JFK for giving us so many great messages and hope!!

We are an Army of Patriots that loves God and supports President Trump! We have no problem carrying President Trump on our shoulders as he leads the way for God's remarkable Greatness!!



Also Santa, is it to late to join McAfee link invite? Just saw this post! 🥺


Everyday, I check for any new videos so I can get my blessed information💕 from you Santa. So grateful for all the work you do! Keep up the great work and more, more, videos please😁. Can you please tell me the one and only jfk Jr telegram post as it constantly changes and don't want to get on the erroneous ones, plz & thx!


Deeanna Sloper
Deeanna Sloper
Sep 15, 2021

Corn/Harvest Moon is on 21-Sept. Oct 11 is Columbus Day. Look up the meaning of Columbus Day and Trust KC.


Kathie Greco
Kathie Greco
Sep 15, 2021

Goosebumps on top of Goosebumps!!! God is so good!!! Thank you too ALL who heard his call. Amen!!!


I really needed this message!!! You WERE talking to me!!! I am just so very grateful for you and all the work that you do!!! Know that you are in my heart and that we all will hold each other’s hands and NEVER leave any one of us behind!!! Thank you from me personally for lifting me up when I most needed it!!! ❤️

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