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Who is the Chief? President Trump alerted us in AL!




How did he know?

Is this all part of the movie?

Was President Trump giving us fair warning?

Remember...Loser Barry had Seal Team 6 removed, yet now we are seeing a few reveal themselves. Did the White Hats intercept?

He mentions 96 (referring to a group of ladies that have attended 96 rallies)


Don't go Squirrel.

Focus on our Bossman and what he is sharing!!! Focus on the Audits!


I wondered why Il Donaldo posted this:

Is it because of this move by SCOTUS?

Was this a typo or is Justice Clarence Thomas our new Chief Justice?

Running a search, this is interesting!

Is Justice Clarence Thomas our new Chief Justice!!! Oh my gosh...this is a huge game changer. Injustice Roberts was dirty!!! Did injustice Roberts get his justice?

Remember, SCOTUS hid RBG for months until the news about her passing became public. Is this the same? The only difference is, the people will not be screaming (like the liberals did when the news broke about RBG), but there will be celebration!!!



Jihad Joe has committed TREASON!! OAN reported the penalty for Treason is:

Gematria Decoded that resonated with me:




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Opinion piece.

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Marin Jessica
Marin Jessica
Sep 05, 2021

Hey Santa. Dan Scavino just posted from his Facebook page that he is NOT on telegram. FYI.. Be careful you who follow

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