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McAfee 31T data did drop! Sierra Leone map ! Footprints!



On 6/26/2021 many people discovered the page which is McAfee's Whack'd Countdown Clock.

When you look at the video, the URL stays the same

On July 22, 2021 this url changed immediately to a big advertising site. In my opinion, the ads and count down clock are distractions. The bigger messages are:

1) Clicking on the Hyperlink of McAfee's picture leads to Jack Dorsey's Twitter handle.

2) The Map if Sierra Leone.

The source page behind the jacked up Whackd website showed Copyright The Bootstrap Authors and Twitter, Inc.

So what happened at midnight Pacific Time? Well, we know a lot of Anons were waiting for something big to drop on that website. But it didn't. That is not how President Trump, the White Hats and our Military works. They have done so many things quietly and in the dark.

This comment only confirms that we already know: