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Native Hawaiians $328M Settlement! N/GESARA becoming real!


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PART 2 Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole song about Hawaii losing their land and what Hawaii has turned to be:

Native Hawaiians love their Ohana and the land that they own. The corrupt USA Inc. just stole the land and its Kingdom in 1893. Hawaii was at stalemate, until 1959 when the dirty USA Inc. government just turned Hawaii into a state of the Union! There are no legal documents showing proof that the Hawaiian Monarchy signed it over. Hawaii was not represented by any attorneys. Hawaii has its own culture and language. The dirty USA Inc. imprisoned Queen Lili'uokalani for standing up to the Native Hawaiians and she eventually acquiesced under pressure from John Stevens, the United States Minister.

Queen Lili'uokalani

USA Inc. did the same thing with the Republic America yet did it in a very sneaky way. They formed a corporation in 1871, USA Inc., in an effort to bypass the Republic America's Constitution and the fair foundation that our Founding Fathers built! They never took any harsh action on members of Congress that bypassed what was Constitutional. Cornell Law University website states that the United States is Federal Corporation. It does not state it is a Country or Nation.

This is all about their greed and control and eventually to get the people of the world to bow down to a select group of people that would turn us into slaves. But their slavery process was done very quietly and over a period of time.

In 1913, USA Inc. allowed for Central Banks, known as the Federal Reserve, to destroy the very way countries, businesses, and individuals transact business, and kept them in debt! Then, they formed the IRS, another illegal privately owned entity, that collected taxes on the very income that you earned. The Nation of Hawaii was automatically included in their evil tactics. The people of Hawaii lived very simple and fruitful lives. They had their own bartering system, exchange mangoes for fish; they were self sufficient, they had lush lands throughout all areas of all the islands, then the government eventually minimalized the water to certain areas to take away the lush Lahaina! The dirty government also allowed for certain animal species to bring into Hawaii such as rodents and mongoose. The dirty government also allowed wealthy "missionaries" to buy up the majority of the Hawaiian land and begin developing over the natural land....and did not give one dime back to the Native Hawaiians! As with many other parts of the world, the crooked governments in those countries controlled the waters, minerals and kept the people of impoverished countries from naturally thriving.

Even in 1933, Roosevelt signed an EO 6102 to Confiscate Gold! We watch the world turn upside down for the past century and most of all, it has turned into a very evil vicious and vile world. From the days of playing tidily winks to now watching tranny's perform at the elementary schools! Indoctrinating a child at such a formidable age, makes parenting so much more difficult and heart breaking. Then taking the children away so the billionaires can run their sick child trafficking business! It is just so wrong. This is not the world and Islands (of Hawaii) that God created! In 1993, the one hundred year mark of stealing Hawaii's Kingdom and Land, Senators Akaka and Inouye passed an Apology Resolution in Congress. This Apology Resolution became law and it admits that Hawaii was stolen. A prior Article with Podcast shows the legal documents. However, there was nothing given back to the Native Hawaiians that had their land stolen from them!

The Maui Massacre, in my humble opinion, was a planned event by the evil dirty government. Did they start the massacre so that the land that was passed down for generations (in Lahaina) would get destroyed? Lahaina and other parts of Hawaii were generational homes / property. This property is handed down to generations and now there is nothing to show for it. The insurance companies are giving the run around, FEMA / MEMA is not helping at all and the State and local government are covering all their crooked deeds! There is good news for Native Hawaiians. After the 1995 Apology Agreement led to a lawsuit filed on behalf of the Native Hawaiians. This lawsuit settlement is paid out beginning today, September 1, 2023. This is not to be mistaken for the $700 Joe measly money. This is a settlement for the Native Hawaiians that signed up to receive this settlement. The Settlement is $328M paid out to about 2500 individuals. After lawyer fees of 12.9%, this averages to $113,000 per individual! Some will get more and some will get less! Kamila Lawsuit - This Document has contact information if you need to use it to receive your payout (if you or your family member signed up for such payout in 1993). This lawsuit is proof that the Hawaiian Kingdom and all its land was stolen and there are no other resolutions filed with Congress or legal signed document indicating Hawaii is a state of the Union. Will Hawaii be free from its ties to the USA Inc? When the Republic America is officially unveiled and restored back to America, will Hawaii be it's own Nation? Who will run it? Will it have a monarchy or will it be run under a BRICS nation or under something else that will give the people of Hawaii their freedom and prevent the greedy people from stealing its land?

Is this the beginning of NESARA and GESARA for the Republic America and the world? Because changes like this Military Move just happened in the Country of Gabon, Africa. This dictator, Ali Bongo is under house arrest!

Will more of this Military take over happen? Will we see Joe Biden, who has done nothing for the people of America and Hawaii, except turn these nations into a severely crippling and impoverished countries, while the fake news media rallies around him and covers up all his crimes! Did this Bongo arrest set a new precedent? We already saw the sanctions that were made public by those violating Human Abuse crimes. We also learned that those crimes under EO 13818 included acts of dictatorship, acts of taking away the freedom for the people, etc. There will be new elections in Bongo! NEW ELECTIONS! Imagine the Quadrillions of gold/ assets in the Trump Treasury, ready to disperse to the good people of the world? Did the MAGA promise begin today? Or has it been happening several months ago behind the scenes? Because, today is the first day we are seeing two very big N/GESARA related acts come into play!





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